Shootout at Brown’s Creek

Article by Virginia McConnell Simmons

Regional History – September 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

This account is based on Simmons’s narrative history, Drifting West: The Calamities of James White and Charles Baker, recently published by the University Press of Colorado (2007).

A LITTLE-KNOWN EPISODE during the early settlement of present-day Chaffee County occurred when two drifters engaged in a shootout. Had I not been digging into the careers of Charles Baker and James White, I would have missed this bit of action, which happened when Baker, White, George Strole and Joe Goodfellow were passing through Central Colorado on a prospecting trip in June of 1867. It was just a few years after the original excitement of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush had peaked and waned.

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Frontier Parson John L. Dyer

Article by Joanna Sampson

Regional History – August 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

In 1860 Colorado was lightning-struck with the excitement of newly discovered wealth. “Gold fever” reached epidemic proportions as soon as word got out that there was gold lying around on the ground just waiting to be picked up. Symptoms of the affliction were easy to spot: a far away look in the eyes, itchy feet, and an uncontrollable compulsion to head for the hills!

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