If a deer falls in the forest

by Hal Walter

Out for a run one afternoon in October, I was negotiating a burro down a steep trail that cuts from one cul-de-sac to another in a nearby subdivision. Downhill and to my right I saw a doe deer literally flopping down the hill through the trees. The animal appeared unable to gain its balance or to stand up.

I stopped and watched as the deer came to a rest, then I tied my burro to a tree and walked down to get a closer look. The doe flopped over a couple more times then lay still. I looked her over as closely as possible. I could see no broken legs or apparent gunshot wounds — which was my first guess since the first big game rifle season had opened the previous day.

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Feds auction oil leases in Park County

Brief by Central Staff

Property – March 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Bush Administration believes in more energy production from public lands, and thus as we went to press, the federal Bureau of Land Management had scheduled an auction of oil- and gas-drilling rights on 31,840 acres east of Fairplay.

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