American Beavers

WE DO NOT DESERVE BEAVERS. Well, OK. American beavers can be complicated neighbors. They sometimes interfere with our plans, tunneling into canal banks, flooding farmers’ fields and blocking and rerouting waterways. They can destroy infrastructure and take down power lines. They harvest landscape plantings. But oh, the beneficial things they do for us while they …

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How rain and rocks can produce pollution

Sidebar by Ed Quillen

Pollution – April 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

IF MINE DUMPS consist of unprocessed rocks that were already present, albeit underground, how can they contribute to water pollution?

Most mineral deposits hereabouts are either sulfides or sit with sulfides, which are compounds of metals with sulfur. Molybdenite, the stuff that made Climax a profitable industry for several generations, is molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Galena, the principal ore of lead, is lead sulfide (PbS). Argentite, a silver ore, is silver sulfide (Ag2S). Zinc’s main ore is sphalerite (ZnS). Gold seldom forms sulfides, but it’s often found with pyrite — iron sulfide (FeS2), better known as fool’s gold.

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