To Spare No Pains, from the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum

Review by Ed Quillen

Pike – October 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

“To Spare No Pains” Zebulon Montgomery Pike and his 1806-07 Southwest Expedition
Edited by Tim Blevins, Matt Mayberry, Chris Nicholl, Calvin P. Otto, and Nancy Thaler
Published in 2007 by the Pikes Peak Library District with the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum
ISBN 1567352243

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Reading up on Pike

Sidebar by Ed Quillen

Pike – February 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

The best place to start, of course, is with Pike’s journals. The original 1810 version is an extremely rare book. In 1895, the journals were edited and annotated by Elliott Coues, and published in three volumes by Francis P. Harper. In 1987, Dover issued that in two paperbound volumes, complete with large maps in a pocket. Volume I covers his expedition to the source of the Mississippi; Volume II concerns the Mexican venture of most interest to us.

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