Pike in October 1806 and October 2006

Brief by Central Staff

Pike Bicentennial – October 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine –

WHEN WE LEFT Lt. Zebulon M. Pike and his small party at the end of September, they were camped amid the Pawnee near present Red Cloud, Nebraska, on the Republican River.

Pike’s negotiations with the Pawnee were an important part of his mission. He was supposed to switch their allegiance from Spain to the United States, and get their assistance in reaching the Comanche (Pike often called them Tetaus) for the same diplomatic effort. The Comanche had made peace with Spain after Juan Bautista de Anza’s 1779 campaign, which took him through Central Colorado.

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Pike in August 1806 and 2006

Article by Central Staff

Pike Bicentennial – August 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

When we left Lt. Zebulon Pike on July 31, 1806, he and his military party of 23 were camped, along with 51 Osage and Pawnee Indians who were being returned from captivity by the Pottawatomie, near Mary’s Home, Mo., about 200 miles up the Missouri and Osage rivers from St. Louis.

Pike’s interpreter, Baronet Vasquez, had been arrested over a debt but had returned. They were proceeding upriver in small boats called batteaux, usually propelled by poles.

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