Dog survives slide that claimed owner

Brief by Allen Best

Pets – June 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine

Occasionally, there is good news amid the bad. The bad news occurred April 9 when a 25-year-old man from India, Jigmet Dawa, died in an avalanche in the Sawatch Range southwest of Leadville.

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BV-based group helps animals fly

Brief by Central Staff

Pets – January 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine

Private pilots need to spend time in the air to maintain their proficiency, and there are times when animals need to be transported. Those two needs are combined in Sky Ark, a non-profit organization based in Buena Vista.

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Mouth-to-Snout Resuscitation

Brief by Central Staff

Pets – August 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

When a dog saves a man, that’s not a story,

but when a man saves a dog …

We have often read about heroic dogs rescuing people. This time around, there were some heroic people rescuing a dog.

The dog, a six-month-old black Labrador retriever named Baxter, fell into Cottonwood Creek in Buena Vista on the afternoon of June 21.

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