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Colorado Central Magazine has quite a few readers over the age of 60, so when I scan the obituaries of the eight different regional newspapers we receive here, I’m sometimes taken aback to learn that we’ve lost another subscriber.
Several of them passed away in 2015 and I’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to them.

Dorothy Quillen
Ed Quillen’s mom, Dorothy, passed away on Dec. 11, 2015 at the age of 84. I met Dorothy at the memorial service for her son in 2012, here in Salida. She had read aloud a wonderful and stirring tribute to Ed and it was apparent where he had gotten much of his skills with the written word. She graciously allowed us to reprint it in the magazine.
Born in Douglas, Wyoming, where she graduated from high school, Dorothy married a local fellow, Edward K. Quillen, Jr., in 1950 and moved with him to Greeley, where Ed was born. Together they raised four sons, two of whom preceded her in death: Ed and his brother Philip.
Dorothy worked as a secretary for the University of Colorado Department of Continuing Education in Boulder. She then worked for Semester at Sea, concluding her career working from home doing typing and word processing. She was also a member of Calvary Church, where she taught Sunday School and sang in the choir for many years.