Happy Campers We Shall Always Be

Essay by Lou Bendrick

Outdoor Life – August 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

EVERY SUMMER, my husband and I head for the woods, flushed with optimism and giddy with anticipation. The maps are crisp, the Coleman fuel cans are full, and the road is open.

And every summer, I forget that the reality of camping is different than that pictured in Dodge Dakota commercials and my mind.

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Cell Phones: Survival gear in the back country

Brief by Todd Murchison

Outdoor life – September 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Once upon a time, people went into the wilderness equipped with the skills and tools to be able to survive on their own. Technology is rapidly changing that. Now people ride into the wilderness on machinery and bring along their cellular phones for survival.

More than a few people have decided that if you have a cellular phone and no shame, there is little need to learn anything about wilderness survival before setting off into the Colorado backcountry.

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Hunting for something else

Column by Hal Walter

Outdoor life – November 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Through the black timber I could see the golden sunlight reflecting off antlers taller and wider than any I’d ever seen. I crouched and blew twice on the call, trying to imitate a cow elk.

The big bull bugled from about 30 meters away. Then he turned and started toward me, walking quickly and turning his head from side to side in a futile attempt to squeeze his massive rack between the trees.

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