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Posts tagged as “Nature”

An Avian Symphony

By Tina Mitchell

It’s spring morning, and I’m out with the dogs shortly after sunrise, heading to the low ridge to the east. It’s a peaceful time for us humans and canines. But once I shift my awareness, I can hear the air crackling with communications. “DEE-DEE-DEE.” (Mountain Chickadee) “CheeriLEE-cheerio cheeriLEE-cheerio.” (American Robin) A repeated dry hiccup-like sound. (Gray Flycatcher) “Zeedle-zeedle-ZEE-chay.” (Black-throated Gray Warbler) “Chup-chup-ZEEEEE (Spotted Towhee) Male songbirds of all species sing as if their lives depend on it. And, in a way, they do.