Green and Growing after 2 years in the San Luis Valley

Article by Marcia Darnell

The Nature Conservancy – June 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

TO SAY THE San Luis Valley chapter of The Nature Conservancy has made progress in the past two years is like saying the San Luis Valley is a little chilly in the winter. What Nancy and Chuck Warner have accomplished since late ’96 is astounding. The couple, who staff the Conservancy’s offices, give credit to Valley residents for their success.

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The Nature Conservancy (finally) arrives in the SLV

Brief by Marcia Darnell

Nature Conservancy – May 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Nature Conservancy (Finally!) arrives in the San Luis Valley

After months of delays, The Nature Conservancy has finally established a field office in the San Luis Valley, run by Nancy and Chuck Warner in Alamosa.

The Nature Conservancy, based in Arlington, Virginia, takes “a coöperative, non-confrontational approach” to land and water use issues, often buying land to keep it pristine.

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Land purchase isn’t the only route

Sidebar by Marcia Darnell

Nature Conservancy – July 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ownership isn’t always practical. Sometimes holding land can tie up resources better spent elsewhere. For that reason, the Nature Conservancy takes several avenues to preserving land and rare species.

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