Q&A with Linda Powers

Editor’s note: In the first issue of Colorado Central Magazine in March 1994, Linda Powers was the subject of an article entitled Bella Abzug in Cowboy Boots.
Linda had been elected to the Colorado State Senate in 1992 by a margin of 53% to 47% over her opponent, Republican lawmaker Harold McCormick of Cañon City. She represented what was then District 4, comprised of Park, Fremont, Lake, Chaffee, Gunnison, Hinsdale and Pitkin counties, along with eastern Delta County. Linda was the first woman to represent the 4th, and was also the only woman, in all the General Assembly, to represent a rural district.
From the March 1994 interview: “I didn’t even own a dress before the campaign,” she confesses. “Now I own two. Clothes are theater, in a way, and you use them to help your role.” No matter how elegant her outfit, she’s generally wearing knee-high cowboy boots, too. “Shows you what I stand on,” she jokes.

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