Charge the state for pumping its water

Letter by Laurence Budd

Water – June 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Charge ’em for your services

To the Quillens and Colorado Central Magazine, “The magazine for people that drive slow but think fast”:

First off, a big thanks for the dark sky issue [Hal Walter’s column in the April, 1999, edition]. You published my long letter last year about how I managed to get the blue yard lights removed from a sizable area in Central New Mexico. We have recently moved to Fort Collins, and while the town is beautiful and a mecca for cars, I am sad to say it is already too late sky-wise here. Lots of very bright yard lights, very few stars. We have decided that bright yard lights here are a vestige of the locals’ Scandinavian heritage, “It’s something we’ve always done.”

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Donlan letter had it right

Letter from Laurence Budd

Development – October 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Jeff Donlan had it right

Dear Mrs. Quillen,

I have just read the September 1997 copy of Colorado Central, and did not miss the point that Salida is having growing pains. We live near a small town in central New Mexico, and we too are having similar pains.

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