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Music Review: Justin Allison – Take Me Where the Moon Lives

By Brian Rill

A new work has come from the Howard, Colorado artist and composer Justin Allison who breathes life into a sweet set of 14 tunes. Teaming up with Grammy-nominated woodwind player Bob Rebholz on the CD Take Me Where the Moon Lives, Justin presents a tome of striking creativity. His collection of original songs gets mixed with modern arrangements from classic and contemporary artists. His anthems present an array of striking guitar chords aligned with Bob’s astounding flute solos and succulent saxophone melodies. Thelonious Monk’s swinging jazz standard, Monks Dream, is brought to life through the guitar and alto sax. The 1954 duet of Clifford Brown and Max Roach, Joy Spring jumps to the old smooth sounds of New York Bop. Innovative covers of Phyllis Molinary and Artie Butler’s Here’s To Life with the Brazilian pop tune Being Cool by Lorraine Feather and Djavan help us discover the real essence of modern jazz.