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Nature will not miss the god made of gunpowder

Letter from John Walker

Hal Walter’s August 99 column – September 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Nature will not miss the god made of gunpowder


In an age where technology makes many feel powerless, it is comforting to know that a gun can still transform a man into a god blessed with the power of life and death. I am referring to Hal Walter, whose “Killer Coyotes” (August, 1999) administers CPR to the moribund notion of “good animal” vs. “bad animal.” From his ranchette on Mount Olympus, Walter laments that deer are eaten by coyotes rather than Division of Wildlife license-holders like himself. He also bemoans his six missing house cats while expressing no regrets over loosing a half-dozen exotic predators into the wild. In a final challenge to credulity, the writer claims to be “a part of nature.”