Better ways to expend energy

Letter from Jim Forrest

Politics – November 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Editor,

I frequently learn something each month by reading Colorado Central magazine. For example, in September’s issue, I learned that Viagra is dangerous and addictive (“Appalled by the law,” p.36). I did not know that.

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Dog Tales: The Challenge

Brief by Jim Forrest

Animals – December 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Before the back-yard fence could be constructed, we tied our German shepherd on a long rope secured by a swivel anchor near the house so that the dog had a large arc from one back corner of the house to the opposite one. After several whip lashes as a consequence of testing the length of the rope, she learned the outer limits of her domain. What she couldn’t cover physically, however, she guarded vocally. Judging from her activity, squirrels were the ones she watched out for the most. In terms of energy spent, they posed the most threat to the homestead.

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