Tales from the Road – Cloudy Decisions

By Mark Kneeskern

Sometimes, when I am torn to select between two paths, I allow external conditions to choose for me. After waiting for a while on an entrance ramp in the blazing heat for a ride, I feel like it’s about time to try the smaller highway … yet I might hook a long distance lift if I keep to the interstate. I’m stuck between wanting to quickly escape Eastern Colorado’s smelly cattle trucks and prisons, and wanting to get back to the peaceful little highways. I decide that if the sun goes behind a big cloud, I’ll try hitching towards Ft. Morgan on Highway 34.

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Tales from the Road

by Mark Kneeskern

(Editor’s note: We introduced Mark in our August issue and invited him to contribute writings from the road as he currently uses his thumb as his primary mode of transportation.)

Almost cut my hair …
I amble to the roadside and it’s the first day of school again. An exciting moment. A nervous moment. Lessons await in the classroom of the world. I’m much older now, not riding the bus, instead traveling in multiple cars with random strangers. I’ve got my best “Back To School” clothes on … a button-up shirt with wild colors and patterns from top to bottom, shorts with deep pockets for my notepads, pens, markers and digital camera. I’m vying for the attention of drivers instead of cute classmates.

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