A Farmer Far Afield – Dreams of Fields

by John Mattingly

Out a narrow window I see my new center pivot on the loose, crossing Highway 17. Cars and trucks are jammed and honking as the machine spreads out like a praying mantis on the warpath, pulling its electric line out of the ground like a giant umbilical cord. It runs roughshod over a fence and three power poles, causing flares of flame as the main wire cracks and arcs to ground. The pivot collides with a house and the end tower starts to ascend to the roof. I wake up in a cold sweat.

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Fish Farm not that old

Letter from Dick Scar

Highway 17 – November 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ed & Martha,

In the last issue, p.36, the story about the fish farmin the San Luis valley, you state that the fish farm started 50 years ago? I thought it was more like 20 or 25 years ago.

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