Recovery Out Loud

“I LOVE THIS MEETING. IT’S THE BEST PART OF MY WEEK,” a participant confessed at a Peer Empowered Recovery Community Solutions (PERCS) All Recovery Meeting. Ten people filled the basement of the Salida United Methodist Church on a Monday evening in June. Andy Panter, co-founder and organizer of the All Recovery Meeting and a PERCS …

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Making Sense of the Affordable Care Act

By Elizabeth Ritchie, RN

The entire conversation of health care reform starts with the consensus that in the United States the health care status quo cannot be sustained. Reining in health care costs and putting health care back in the hands of individuals rather than insurance companies has been attempted by presidents since Teddy Roosevelt’s administration. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the single greatest deficit-reduction package since President Clinton’s budget of 1993. It is the single biggest legislative action of President Obama and the most significant ruling by the Supreme Court in decades.

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Down on the Ground with Personal Responsibility and Health Care

by George Sibley

I have a friend here in the Upper Gunnison with whom I argue politics a lot, mostly electronically. We are always sending each other e-mails with editorials, news stories, and essays attached, mostly focused on aspects of the political economy – which should be distinguished from the real economy, the miraculous helter-skelter whereby most of us manage to find enough food, energy, shelter, and other necessaries to stay alive and fairly healthy. A political economy, on the other hand, is the paste-up of philosophies, ideas, ideologies, and religion we each hold about how the real economy ought to work. A political economy always seems to fit some aspect of the real economy well enough (if beaten into shape with a bigger hammer) so that we can continue to believe in it.

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The Chaffee People’s Clinic

Article by Jennifer Dempsey

Health Care – February 2009 – Colorado Central Magazine

PAT DULETSKY wouldn’t see Michael Moore’s movie Sicko.

“I was afraid I would break something,” said the Buena Vista physician and volunteer medical advisor of the Chaffee People’s Clinic. “So much of that movie was about stuff I have been incensed about for years. I remember before I was in medical school, hearing somebody say his insurance company would arbitrarily deny every tenth client and see if anybody would challenge it. It was standard operating procedure in his company. Apparently the company saved enough money that way that it was worthwhile.”

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Survival of the fittest

Essay by Martha Quillen

Health Care – October 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, Colorado State Representative Tom Massey hosted a community meeting at the Salida Senior Citizens Center to get input on what local citizens want and need in a health care system. And to my surprise, it turned out that everybody attending was amenable to some sort of universal, comprehensive, government-run system that cuts out the big insurance companies.

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