From the Editor

Last month I needed a book to take along on a flight to the West Coast and grabbed from my bookcase a beat up old copy of Resist Much, Obey Little; Some Notes on Edward Abbey.

I read a bunch of Abbey’s works in my twenties and thirties as did many of my peers here in the West. It was the age of James Watt and the notion of monkeywrenching had a certain mischievous appeal to those of us who felt the hard-won environmental regulations of the 1970s were under assault.

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Keep them out of tiny hands

Column by Hal Walter

Guns – May 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

IT’S NEVER TALKED ABOUT in my family, but there was an accident involving a firearm when I was not yet a teenager. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

As I recall, my mother had recently remarried, and my new dad had returned home from a hunting trip. Gleeful at his return, I helped him unpack and carry the gear from the truck in the driveway to the house. There were sleeping bags and other camping gear; the rifles and shotguns were in their cases. And there was a .22-caliber revolver in its holster, with the leather belt wrapped around it. I picked up a long-gun case in my left hand and the revolver in my right.

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He’d like to see what pulses through their veins

Letter from Gene Lorig

Guns and Politics – September 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

He’d like to see what pulses through their veins

Ed and Martha,

Persistence is thy name. Here’s $40 to keep you off my back for a couple years.

Since your first card, in May, I have been trying to think of something original to say, but life is too pleasantly dull here to so do, if you are able to forget the outside world. And the outside world is so absurd it dumbfounds. I have even found myself agreeing with Ken Hamblin — on JFK Jr. And maybe somewhat on guns.

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