Betting against Dagget

Letter from Larry D. Bullock

Grazing – May 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

[Editor’s Note: Dan Dagget advocates improved grazing techniques; he bet if you took two identical pieces of western rangeland and he grazed his cows on one and the other was left alone, his pasture would fare better. In our April edition, George Sibley also wrote about improved grazing practices.]

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to Dan Dagget’s challenge [February edtion]. First, the Sierra Club newsletter is a bad place to make the challenge because Sierra Club members rejected a ban on livestock grazing on public lands (Sierra, July/August 2001). I’m still trying to figure out why.

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Looking for the radical center

Column by George Sibley

Grazing – April 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

AT THE WESTERN STATE COLLEGE Spring Environmental Symposium — titled “The Future of Public Rangelands” — Arizona rancher Bill McDonald raised an interesting challenge: the challenge to build “the radical center.”

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