A Farmer Far Afield – Morgan Goat Company

by John Mattingly Colorado Central readers who have driven through the San Luis Valley on Hwy. 17 and looked east between Roads Z and X may have noticed large herds of cloven-hoofed and horned creatures interrogating the grass and brush inside a six-foot-high woven wire fence enclosing about 800 acres. The above-mentioned creatures are, for …

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Jumpin’ Good Goats Got it Good

by Sterling R. Quinton

On the outskirts of a quiet Colorado town lies a new goat dairy which, despite the steep industrial odds set against it, is making an impressive stand upon some old-time principles.

At the center of that dairy is its founder, Dawn Jump, who embodies the quintessential blend of rugged mountain individualist and collegially articulate woman, calling to mind Isabella Bird and her 1873 collection of letters, A Lady’s life in the Rocky Mountains. The comparison is all the more compelling because Jump’s Colorado lineage harks back to 1892. Her family homesteaded a forty-acre ranch in Calhan, Colorado.

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