Back in the hills at the J. Kyle Braid Youth Leadership Ranch

Article by Gene Rybarczyk

Roadside attractions – April 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

AS WE DROVE AWAY from the ranch I had a strong feeling that we had not been told the truth. I said as much to John and Colleen Weeks, my friends from Creede. John asked what I meant. I had to admit I wasn’t quite sure. It wasn’t that anyone had lied to

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How long is an hour that passes without a watch?

Letter from Gene Rybarczyk

Millennium – February 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed and Martha:

I was pleased to see the article regarding the correct year for the start of the new millennium on page 6 (or should it really be page 5?) of the January 2001 edition of Colorado Central. I have entertained what I had hitherto considered frivolous opinions regarding this controversy, but I believe Colorado Central may be the appropriate forum in which to air them.

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