Book Review – Red Lightening

Red Lightning: A Novel By Laura Pritchett Counterpoint, hardback, 208 pp, $24 ISBN: 9781619025332 1619025337 Reviewed by Annie Dawid What would be the relief in redemption if it were a simple sorry, forgive me? Grace is not achieved so easily. Redemption is to purchase back something previously sold, the recovery of something pawned or mortgaged, …

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Same Time, Same Place

by Philip Tarlow

Editor’s note: This story originally ran in the January 2009 issue of the Crestone Eagle.

The sky turned deep purple-gray as I sat by Cottonwood Creek. Hailstones began raining down on my head, bouncing off my painting surface; watercolor paper taped to a piece of plywood.

The spring runoff roared, virgin pale green leaves shook, water leapt and splashed on ancient rocks. New moisture released fragrances from the earth and foliage that made you swoon. I was in heaven; why get up just because a bit of hail was falling? The tempo increased and I was in a hailstorm. I reluctantly packed up and returned home, imagining myself the brave warrior.

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Angels in the geraniums

Fiction by Kathleen Thomas

Angels – December 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

The old saw has it that seeing is believing, and I believe that’s true. I myself have seen more than a few things that could go unexplained, unrelieved, except that, well, I saw them. But my stories, until today, have paled in comparison to a woman I knew. Her name was Lucy.

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