Searching for the word

Letter from Eugene Lorig

American politics – May 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine


Am a little slow this morning. When I first read Larae Essman’s letter in the April issue, I thought by “Bush men” she meant a tribe of bloodthirsty savages living in a disease-infested swamp on a polluted river in a dark and forbidding jungle belt, their leader a superstitious ignoramus appointed by five witch doctors. My friends at the 666 Club enlightened me.

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How smart people banked before there was an FDIC

Letter from Eugene Lorig

Mountain Memories – June 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed and Martha,

Well, we have a new set of rascals in office and, in the words of the old horse in Animal Farm, “Things will continue much as before; that is, badly.”

Back in September, Fred Rosa complimented me by wanting more Eugene Lorig. Thanks, Fred, I’ll try to oblige. And my best to you and your lovely wife, Melanie, who officiated at the wedding of daughter Dorothy. But Fred, it’s “Gene,” except to telemarketers, evangelists, and other panderers.

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Life’s better where the garlic grows

Letter by Eugene Lorig

Moving – July 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Life’s Better Where The Garlic Grows

Ed and Martha:

Another year gone by already? You aren’t fudging my subscription ahead by a couple of months, are you?

I wonder how those New Yawk-type bastards who shill for US West, and who have probably never seen this country except when flying over it on their way to L.A., know that “Life’s better here.”

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Overwhelmed in Eagle

Letter from Eugene Lorig

Growth – July 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine


I read somewhere that people were happier during the Great Depression than in subsequent prosperity. Things were rough, but most of us had enough to eat, and there was a community of feeling we don’t have any more, at least around here.

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