Restoring and Re-storying the Land We Call Home

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE IN DEEP RELATIONSHIP with the land on which we live? The 33rd Annual Headwaters Conference, hosted by Western Colorado University in Gunnison in December 2022, aimed to answer that question. The theme of the conference was “Land Back: Indigenous Homecoming in the Headwaters.”  In recent years, the conference focused …

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George Sibley: Down on the Ground with Science and Politics

A couple months ago, I marched for science in Gunnison with a handful of the several hundred thousand Americans marching throughout the nation, and a week later, in cold blustery weather, marched for the climate up in Crested Butte. These were enjoyable events with others like myself who currently feel ignored by a political administration that has no apparent respect for science, among other things.

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Environmentalists failed Libby, Montana

Essay by Ray Ring

Environmentalism – June 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

“Goofy logic” from “Ray Rong,” one critic charged. “The most ridiculous piece of journalism I have read,” said another. “Trash” and “rubbish,” said others.

Those blasts came from angry environmentalists. They’re criticizing a piece of news analysis I wrote recently, about an environmental-health disaster in Libby, Mont. I intended it to be provocative.

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Nature magazines need to get over themselves

Essay by Stephen J. Lyons

Environmentalism – October 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

These days of diminishing resources call for drastic measures. In my own household we have cut down on car trips. Entire days go by without firing up the gas-combustible engine. We recycle vigorously. When non-essential appliances break, we don’t replace them. We don’t flush the toilet after each use either. The air conditioner stays idle long past the point of comfort, prompting one visitor to comment, “How can you people live this way?”

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