Lincoln Park Legacy

THE GENTLE ROLLING HILLS JUST SOUTH OF Cañon City are covered with the green that a semi-desert landscape can produce: low grasses, cactus, shrub-like pine and juniper trees. Ground and surface waters drain northeast from the Wet Mountains immediately adjacent, though surface waters flowing through the area, like Sand Creek, tend to appear only following …

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Court prevented chaos

Letter from Emily Tracy

Politics – January 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine


The Dec. 1 ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court is important to Colorado voters.

The ruling assures voters that the Colorado General Assembly cannot create chaos by redrawing the boundary lines for U.S. Congressional Districts multiple times in each decade. So, no matter which political party happens to be in power each year of the decade, voters can be sure that the Congressional District in which they live early in the decade will be the same District they live in each year of the decade. The Court found that the General Assembly can only re-draw the Congressional districts after each census and before the general election that follows the census.

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