On the Ground – Down on the Ground with Democracy

by George Sibley We’re in the middle of an election season again, and again I find myself asking: Are we humans really ready for democracy? Have we evolved that far? That question rolls around in my mind as I watch the current political campaigns, where we are being asked to decide on our next governor …

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Election Season Blues

By Ed Quillen

In ways, I miss the old-fashioned Election Day. Our precinct polling place was across the street from our house, and I work at home. I’d look out the front window, and when I didn’t see many cars parked, I knew there wouldn’t be much of a line.

Now we have “voting centers,” and ours is four blocks away, too far for easy traffic observation. So it’s easier just to vote early, which makes the whole concept of Election Day rather meaningless. It’s more like “Election Season.”

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