Learning to adjust to life in paradise

Essay by Diane Alexander

Mountain Humor – October 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine


Moving from a metropolitan area to a town of 1,700 souls is a bigger change than this life-long city dweller anticipated. Since other city folks are moving to this area, I’ve got some advice to ease the transition.

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Gimme Shelter … Please

Article by Clint Driscoll & Diane Alexander

Animals – March 1995 – Colorado Central Magazine

For the past six years, Diane Godynick-Clements has rescued cats in Buena Vista. At last count, she had sixteen in her house, sixteen cats that she was trying to place in good homes. People know about Diane, which explains why cats get dumped off at her house without any notes, food, or support money. Once, after a Humane Society fundraiser, she came home to find a frightened dog tied to her fencepost.

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Quilting: A modern tradition

Article by Diane Alexander

Quilts – August 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Quilting is no longer a half-forgotten skill relegated to old-fashioned grandmothers and dusty attics. At a recent organizational meeting for the eighth annual Chaffee County Quilt and Textile Show (June 25-July 4), the women were feisty and the talk was animated.

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