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The Time of Reflection

By Hal Walter

Fall has always been a time of reflection. The leaves as they turn and fall to the ground are a beautiful reminder that the circle of life does have a beginning and an end. And that if you have things you need to get done, there’s no better time than right now.

I was rushing to town one September afternoon to pick up my son from school. On a big curve about six miles east of Westcliffe I saw a logging truck approaching in the oncoming lane. As it drew nearer, I suddenly realized it was trailing a big loop of heavy steel cable that was whipping from side to side. This loop was large enough to lasso a full-size pickup truck, and it reached nearly across the other lane. I did not have much time to react as I saw it swinging into the road in front of me. The options raced through my head – brake, swerve or do nothing?