Where’s the coltan?

Letter from Dave Delling

Minerals – November 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine


Articles by Writers on the Range authors are usually the first thing I read when Colorado Central arrives. I’ve found them to be generally credible and factual and that’s important since some of your readers are impressionable and take whatever is laid out to be so. They are influenced by what they read. I may not agree with the author’s position but I can at least respect their point of view if its based on factual information.

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Property owners should learn about mineral rights

Letter from Dave Delling

Mining – July 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed:

I enjoyed your May issue very much but especially the two articles on the proposed mica mine on Poncha Pass. Your article presented a realistic and balanced appraisal of what might be expected if this early stage exploration project ever developed into anything. That’s unlikely since most mineral exploration projects never get beyond that stage based on technical issues alone. You put it all in perspective.

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Dog Tales: George’s Pup

Brief by Dave Delling

Animals – December 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

The major drinking place in Silver Cliff — the place that looks like it doesn’t belong there — was filling up. I sat at the end of the bar, sipping beer while slowly warming after a long day outside. February is usually tough in Custer County and this one was no exception.

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