Economic illusions and real-estate bubbles

Letter from Daniel G. Jennings

Rural Economies – July 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine


The ongoing Real Estate Bubble exposes a very disturbing truth about America: All across our great nation real economies based upon the production of goods and services have been replaced by economic illusions rooted in hype, hysteria and speculation.

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Park County Republicans face strong challenge

Article by Daniel G. Jennings

1996 election – November 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Democrats could get majority on Park County Commission

by Daniel G. Jennings

Although Park County is traditionally Republican, there’s a good chance two Democrats will be serving on the Board of Commissioners in 1997.

Two of the three commission seats are up for election this year and both are in the Bailey area where most of our county’s population lives. In District Two incumbent Eunice Takatloglou, a Republican, lost the nomination at the Republican Party Convention in April, but was able to get on the primary ballot by petition. Takatloglou came in third in the primary behind Steve Benninghoven and Rosie Wiley.

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