Why I choose the Internet for news

Letter from Dan Bishop

Media – July 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine


Do you know who Major Charmaine Means is? Every American should recognize her name and know what she did. Yet only the Wall Street Journal dared tell her story. As far as I know, FoxNews didn’t. MSNBC didn’t. ABC and CBS didn’t. Yet Major Charmaine Means is a true American hero, a Patriot First Class. I read about her courageous action on www.commondreams.org. She deserves a medal. I’ll explain why shortly.

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Solar is ready, are you?

Article by Dan Bishop

Energy – December 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

LAST YEAR, A FRIEND of mine bought 35 acres west of Fort Collins and began building his retirement home. One of the first things he did was contract with the local utility company to bring in power. Then, he paid over $18,000 to have power power lines strung from the nearest pole to his building site, and he also had to remove numerous mature trees along his fenceline to accommodate the new lines. Now that my friend has paid a king’s ransom to be securely linked to the power grid, he can expect to receive a fancy utility bill every month for the rest of his life. He will also be subject to occasional weather-related power outages and possible brownouts through the years.

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