The ARK Magazine: Music, Arts and Culture of the Upper Arkansas Valley

By Mike Rosso

Music and art lovers of the Upper Arkansas Valley will be glad to hear about a new arts and music website launched in August 2016. Ark Magazine is the brainchild of Jamie Wolkenbreit, who saw a need for a central outlet to find out about events, art shows and musical happenings in the region.
After moving to Chaffee County with his family in 2015, Wolkenbreit began asking friends where he might find resources for event listings. Realizing others had the same questions, he decided to create an online magazine specifically to promote and support the arts in Leadville, Buena Vista and Salida.
“I’d love for the communities of Salida, Leadville and BV to experience more of a kinship, cultural interaction and shared identity … we’ve got a wonderful opportunity to steer our growth into a fun and prosperous place,” he said.

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Los Penitentes del Valle

After the Veronicas and the Hermanos from the morada in San Antonio, Colorado meet at El Calvario (The large cross) where Jesus meets Mary, part of the congregation goes on to the morada and the others walk to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Conejos, Colorado which is several miles away. Photo by Ruben Archuleta.

Understanding the Penitente Church in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico

by Ruben E. Archuleta

Slowly and methodically the candles on the candelabrum are extinguished one by one as the Hermanos (Brothers) recite their prayers and sing the mournful alabados (Penitente hymns) until the last of the thirteen candles is out leaving the morada (meeting place) in total darkness. Suddenly the pandemonium that ensues with the sounds of rattling chains, the staccato of the matracas (wooden noise makers), banging on tins, and the wailing brings to mind the shaking of the earth, the lightning and thunder, the fear and wailing of the people gathered around the crucifixion … and then darkness as Jesus’ mortal body releases its soul. The Penitente rite known as the tinieblas (darkness), which represents the death of Jesus on the cross, has been practiced every Good Friday evening in the moradas throughout southern Colorado and northern New Mexico for over a century, and possibly longer.

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NASCAR nation?

Column by George Sibley

Culture – January 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

I’M SITTING HERE writing this early in December, hopeful that by the time you are reading it somewhere between late December and early January, the usual miracle will have occurred and all will be somewhat the same with this rolling ball of rock and fire we’re hanging on to, or off of. Our axis won’t have wobbled unduly, gravity will have continued to assert its mysterious will against the planet’s tangential urge, and we will again be heading toward spring, summer and – well, that’s far enough ahead to look.

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Time for a truce?

Column by George Sibley

Culture – November 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine

YOU’RE RECEIVING this magazine a week or two before the election, so you may have already voted if you’re going to, and it’s probably too late to change your mind if you haven’t, so I won’t try.

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Perhaps we’ll find a cure for our pridefulness

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Culture – September 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine


Here’s a local example of how easy it is to be smug in one’s ignorance and misjudge an alien situation: During Salida Artwalk I sidle up to a mud-show dancer of indeterminate sex and exclaim, “nice legs, lady.” This is a moment of comedy dell’arte, a tradition centuries old, giving the street-actor a chance to engage (or not) in a bit of spontaneous burlesque. Staid passersby, however, get up on their high horse and in all seriousness make me out for a sexist pig, and a prime candidate for their version of thought control. I should engage them in a bit of further burlesque to relieve them of their ignorance of the theatrical heritage of Shakespeare, Moliere, and countless others, but I haven’t the time.

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Are Car Alarms the Best We Have to Offer?

Essay by Martha Quillen

Culture & Politics – November 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

When it comes to candidates, it’s hard to tell whether they’re outright lying to us, or merely spouting banal rubbish without thinking twice about it. Then again, maybe they’re really deluded.

The Republicans, for example, actually seem to believe that they are fiscal conservatives. But the Republican Party’s devotion to Calvin Coolidge’s strategy — of lowering taxes while limiting government interference in the affairs of business and industry — is not conservative.

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