A Crestone Pyramid Update

By Peter Anderson

The nightmare would begin something like this: From the western flank of the Sangres, I am looking down on my home territory, out across the windswept savannah of the San Luis Valley toward the usual landmarks – San Antonio Mountain and the south San Juans off to the southwest, the La Garita Range to the west, even a few of the great Sawatch peaks off to the north. But there is a new mountain in the foreground … no, not a mountain … it’s a man-made pyramid … a pink pyramid four hundred feet tall. What the … ?

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The Edifice Complex

Article by Christina Nealson

Crestone pyramid – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

You remember the polished pink granite pyramid, the “architectural masterpiece” transmitted by the Ascended Masters to aid the enlightened to move from the third dimension to the fifth?

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Just remodel a mountain

Letter from Charlie Spielman

Crestone Pyramid – April 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

I read with great interest and enjoyment your premiere issue. I was especially fascinated by the article on Crestone by Martha. When I was a boy growing up in the San Luis Valley in the l940s, our family would make the trek from Monte Vista to Crestone about once each summer for an idyllic family picnic and outing along the banks of Crestone Creek.

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The Great Pyramid of the Arcturians

Article by Martha Quillen

March 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Sangre De Cristo range rises sharply on the east side of the San Luis Valley, creating a solid wall of jagged peaks.

Below, the valley is bleak, beautiful, vast, empty, unquestionably inspirational, and also — according to a growing number of people — holy.

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