Culture of Belonging

WHEN I THINK ABOUT THE CREEDE REPERTORY THEATRE, I think of the stunning remoteness of Creede. I think about the excellent caliber of the shows I’ve seen there — how the performances feel intimate and fantastic but not budget. I marvel at the talent that the CRT attracts from around the country; it brings to …

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Places: Silver Skate Park, Creede

By Ericka Kastner

Growing up in Minnesota, there was one gift my brother and I could always count on each year: a new pair of ice skates for Christmas. Replacing the ones we’d outgrown the previous year, we’d tie the skates together and toss them over our shoulders on the way out the door to school each morning, with plans to skate at the nearby rink at the park later in the day. I grew up loving skating and missed having such easy access to ice for my own children as I raised them in Salida.

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South Fork to Wasson at 12 Miles Per Hour

by Kenneth Jessen

At the western end of the San Luis Valley, near the town of South Fork, passengers can enjoy a most unique railroad experience. It is a 12-miles-per-hour trip in a motorcar along the historic Creede Branch of the former Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway. Trips run twice a day between South Fork and Wagon Wheel Gap, with special extended trips to Wasson.

This portion of the original Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway was constructed as a narrow gauge line in 1883 and ended at Wagon Wheel Gap, a resort designed for the wealthy. Just 10 miles away, the silver mines at Creede began to produce large quantities of ore. The railroad was asked to extend the line, but it lacked the financial resources. In 1891, financier David Moffat formed the Rio Grande Gunnison Railway and took the tracks to the mines at North Creede. The Denver & Rio Grande Western leased Moffat’s extension, and in 1908, they purchased the line.

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Book Review: Art in America

by Ron McLarty
Published in 2008 by Penguin Books Ltd.
ISBN: 978-0-670-01895-6
367 pp.

Reviewed by Marcia Darnell

What do you get when you add a New York writer to the San Luis Valley?

“Art in America.”

Veteran character actor Ron McLarty has built a successful second career as a writer. Creede Repertory Theatre is considering producing one of his plays, and his novels have garnered a lot of attention. “Art in America,” his third book, is largely set in the San Luis Valley, within the fictional village of Creedemore, based on Creede.

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