Making a Difference on Earth: Conservation Easements

by Virginia McConnell Simmons Roughly 30 years ago, we began to notice the loss of open land, water, other natural resources, traditional ways of life and tranquility in our high mountain valleys. None too soon, we also noticed that something had to be done to prevent the continuing loss of the region’s natural resources, working …

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Land Stewards – Conservation Easements Provide a Viable Alternative to Development

By Ron Sering

Area rancher Joe Cogan does not mince words about commercial land development. “I don’t think much of subdividers. They come up to you, shake your hand, and then try to get in your pocket.”

Since 1889, the Cogan family steadily built their area holdings through a combination of leases and purchase, to hundreds of acres. “I had three boys, but two of them decided to do something else for a living.” Cogan soon found himself with more land than he could work. “I divested myself of several leases,” Cogan said. “We kept the land we worked down to a minimum.”

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New land trust looking for members

Brief by Central Staff

Conservation Easements – December 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

New Land Trust looking for members

The new Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas is holding a membership drive.

What does it do? Local land trusts are set up to acquire and manage conservation easements, which are essentially the development rights, on rural real estate. The idea is that the land can stay in agricultural production, or as open space or the like.

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Conservation Easements help ranchers keep ranching

Letter from Mark Weston

Conservation Easements – October 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine


Dave Skinner’s essay in the June 2002 Colorado Central Magazine contained a few incorrect statements that seem to have been presented as facts. These statements beg correction because they serve as a foundation for some of the opinions that he expresses. To wit:

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Perhaps not really “forever,” but certainly long enough

Letter from Paul Snyder

Conservation easements – July 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine


I think you just sold a lot of subscriptions to Colorado Central here in Custer County. As I pass around copies of the June issue (illegally violating copyright laws, no doubt), I do make sure to mention that those not reading Colorado Central on a regular basis are denying themselves one of life’s minor pleasures.

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