Growing by the Numbers

Brief by Central Staff

Communication – November 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

For years, Salidans used four digits when exchanging phone numbers: the 539 prefix was just assumed, as in “we’re at 5345.” That has changed with growth — now there’s 530, as well as 221 for cellular telephones.

Now the Crestone-Moffat area in Saguache County, served by the Columbine Telephone Co., is undergoing a similar change.

There the custom was three digits, with the 256-4 assumed. Henceforth they’ll need four, because most new numbers will be assigned from the 256-5 block.

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Free Range Radio goes off the air

Brief by Jane Carpenter

Communication – March 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Salida’s unlicensed FM station — Free Range Radio at 101.1 Mhz, operated by the Salida Radio Club — has gone off the air. The action was voluntary, although there was the very real fear of arrest and prosecution by the Federal Communications Commission.

But if proposed new regulations are adopted by the FCC, then Free Range Radio — and many other low-power, low-cost radio stations — could legally start or resume broadcasting.

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First anniversary of local Internet service

Brief by Central Staff

Communication – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

First anniversary

Just a year ago, the Internet was an expensive long-distance call from most of Central Colorado. Now there are two local service providers.

First on the scene was Rocky Mountain Internet, which opened a Buena Vista node in late October of 1995. As of this August, Colorado Supernet is also serving the area.

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