News from the San Luis Valley

by Patty LaTaille

Census Shows Significant Migration

According to The Denver Post; “Walsenburg and other small traditionally Latino towns in southern Colorado are losing their historic cultural identity. As the older generation dies off and the younger generation moves to cities or resort towns where the jobs are, separations are tearing at close-knit Latino families that can trace their lineage back to Spanish conquistadors.”

Walsenburg has begun to attract retirees drawn by the small-town environment, slow pace, the desert climate and houses that sell for as little as $30,000.

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I am a U.S.Census Survivor

by Michael L. Bullock

Personally, I had no problem filling out and returning my family’s 2010 U.S. Census questionnaire – my wife took care of it.

But as a newly unemployed Colorado newspaperman in January of 2010, I took the bait. It was hidden within the pages of the local paper: “Help wanted. 2010 U.S. Census enumerators. Temporary.”

Unassuming John Doe that I am, I trotted over to the American Legion Hall and took the exam. And I passed the test!

At first, anyway.

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What’s rural? And what’s a micropolitan?

Brief by Central Staff

Census – January 2004 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you visit Como or Guffey, let alone the often-lonely roads to those settlements, you wouldn’t think you were anywhere near a metropolitan area. But the federal government has recently decided that they’re part of a Metropolitan Statistical Area, just like Boulder or Lakewood.

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Getting the numbers right?

Brief by Central Staff

Census – April 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Search Teller Street in Salida as much as you want, and you won’t find this address, even though it was on official U.S. Census matter, and you’d think that they of all people would know what addresses were valid.

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