by Candice Geier

Now that the lame duck session is over and legislation is back in session, amendments are filling the house and senate floors quickly. Included in the bills are immigration reform laws, state funding, constitutional protection, education funding, job protection, tax spending transparency, consumer protection and unbiased hiring practices.

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Statehouse Update

By Candice Geier

Uplifting the Recession

Despite the recession, Colorado is still placing high in economic growth when compared to other states, according to CNBC and Forbes Magazine.

According to Forbes, Colorado is fourth in the nation for fostering businesses and economic growth.

“Even in this tough economy, Colorado has remained aggressive, disciplined and focused when it comes to supporting businesses and encouraging economic growth,” Governor Ritter said in a press release from the State House.

The press release stated that because of Colorado’s New Energy Economy, tax cuts for small businesses and investments in employee training have helped keep the state competitive.

According to CNBC, Colorado is third best place in the nation to do business. It took the second spot for quality of life and is the fourth friendliest state. Its economy came in at number eight.

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State House Update

by Candice Geier

In Colorado, bills for new laws and regulations often have a clause at the end of them. The clause states that if any petition is filed against the new regulation, the regulation will not take effect until approved by the people at the general election. The petition can object to the entire act or any item, section or part.

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