Quillen’s Corner: Establishing an America for Liberty, Justice and The People

By Martha Quillen

For years now, the media and Pew Research reports have indicated Americans are growing increasingly partisan, which is generally characterized as a bad thing, and has been credited with spurring extremism, gridlock, Congressional ineffectiveness and politically motivated violence. But what shocks me in recent years is not the national news; it’s how much vitriol is making its way into our local newspaper.

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A Farmer Far Afield – The Unimportant ‘Merican (TU‘M)

by John Mattingly Inner Old Man yields the page to The Unimportant ‘Merican, also known as TU‘M. As with IOM, the views of TU‘M should never be confused with those of the author. Here in Central Colorado we stand protected from war, fracking, heavy industry, rabid police, mis-speaking billionaires, racial tension, ebola, fat-old-white men against …

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Quillen’s Corner – One Nation Indivisible With Liberty and Justice for Cockroaches

by Martha Quillen Republicans and Democrats seldom agree on anything, and Congress is determinedly divisive. But what about us? Do we still agree on America’s founding principles? Do we still believe in the proposition that all men are created equal? And that people have certain inalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of …

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Another America

By George Sibley

Earlier this summer a group of around 70 people, mostly from the Upper Gunnison River side of Central Colorado, enjoyed a tour of Blue Mesa Dam as part of a commemoration of the commencement of construction on the dam 50 years ago this summer. Bureau of Reclamation managers and engineers showed us around the dam and its powerplant, and we ended up staying an hour longer than anticipated, it was all so fascinating.

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Whose flag is it?

Letter from Andy Burns America – May 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine Editors, Recently an anti-war group in my region was refusing to use American flag stamps on their mailings. Pro-war, anti-peace nationalists have a knack for confiscating the flag and turning it into a symbol of belligerence and divisiveness and “I’m-more-American-than-thouness.” But the No-War …

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