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A Sunflower in Westcliffe

by Central Staff

Nebraska natives Elton and Jane Moyer found their way to Westcliffe via Denver. After nine years in the city, they decided to move to the Wet Mountain Valley, where they owned property. After learning that Sunflower Natural Foods was for sale, they decided to buy it, as Jane had an interest in natural foods and healthcare and wanted to learn more about it.
The store, first opened by Sharon Bordon Stephenson, has been a Westcliffe fixture since 1993, offering organic and natural foods, bulk foods, herbs, spices and teas, supplements, RO water, homeopathic remedies, personal care products and more.
Sunflower also carries locally sourced foods such as eggs, honey, beef, fruits and vegetables (in season), soaps, lotions and other Colorado-based products, including locally made dog biscuits.
“My philosophy on natural healthcare is that the body’s own intelligence requires nurturing and support to achieve its own goal of perfect health. Each individual has different requirements for full health and takes a different path to get there. Natural healthcare treats the person, not the symptoms or the disease,” said Jane.
Sunflower serves the entire Wet Mountain Region and has regular customers from Westcliffe, Silver Cliff, Florence, Cañon City, Coaldale, Rye, Wetmore, Howard, Gardner and Hillside that includes part-time summer residents and area ranchers, as well as members of the Amish community. Also available at the store are a variety of gift items sold for the Mission Wolf refuge as well as the magazine you have in your hands, Colorado Central.
Open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Sunday. (719) 783-9266.