Strolling with a clean conscience

Brief by Central Staff

Outdoors – March 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you don’t want to strain local treasuries in the event that you venture outdoors and require search or rescue, the state has a deal for you.

It’s the “Colorado Hiking Certificate,” and it costs only $1 at Division of Wildlife offices and most license outlets. Of that dollar, 75¢ goes to the Non-Game and Endangered Wildlife Fund, and 25¢ to a search-and-rescue fund used to reimburse rural sheriff’s departments for those expenses.

Skeptical as always, we asked Chaffee County Sheriff Ron Bergmann if he’s ever seen any money from that fund. “Certainly,” he said. “They’ve repaid us for expenses on searches, and they also help finance equipment and supplies for local search-and-rescue groups. It’s been a real help for many rural sheriffs.”

So, with a Hiking Certificate, you can enjoy the backcountry with a clear conscience.

If you already have a hunting or fishing license, or a permit for a snowmobile or off-road vehicle, your conscience is already clear: a portion of those fees automatically goes to search-and-rescue.