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Speaking Out

We asked some of our readers for a single sentence summarizing any positive effects they might have experienced as result of the social and health-related restrictions put in place since mid-March. Here are some responses:

“What’s going on in the world right now has reminded me and many others how precious our relationships are and how important it is to stay in touch, listen closely, and share our own thoughts and feelings with the people we care about.” Shanna Lewis, Pueblo

“I am fortunate that I have a job that I can do at home so the positive for me is unprecedented family bonding time (including all the pets). I am very thankful for this time spent together.”Paul Koch, Colorado Springs

“It’s given me a clearer view of the real state of our society … much that is good … but the gross inequities, ignorance, and organization incompetence have been unable to be masked and bullshitted away … so … it gives me a new mission to make things better.”Stephen Beatty, Elmhurst, Illinois

“THE DOGS, yes it’s the dogs who are benefitting from all the exercise they are now getting during our new, alternative lifestyle.”Ann Peniston, Leadville

“Keep it simple, one day at a time.”Kent Ford, Durango

“My husband has finished installing and tiling a tub/shower that he has been working on (actually NOT working on) for the last three years. Yea! I am calling it the Covid Shower.”Diane Lara, Salida

“Less traffic on the Interstates.”Richard Dietz, Golden

“Besides the opportunity to do things that we never had enough time to do before, a big positive is renewing the sense of community and helping each other out in many different ways.”Bob and Carmel Huestis, Westcliffe

“Getting to spend quality time with adult children and two great granddaughters and helping with their school work.” Suzy Kelly, Buena Vista

“The positive things that have come out of this in my state in Wisconsin where I live now is that the people have reconnected with the farmers person to person.”Pat Dolph, Lake Mills, Wisconsin

“I think we have found a greater appreciation of the beauty in the little things—sunrise and sunset, seeds sprouting, spring flowers, fresh air, good meals and just being, not doing.”Carol and Pete Levy, Bluemont, Virginia

“My yard has improved immensely.”Al Cordova, Cañon City

“I’ve seen a juvenile Magpie take it’s first steps out of it’s nest, I’ve watched Great Blue Heron babies poke out of their nests, I almost fell off my own feet when a Shape Shinned Hawk landed on my deck railing and looked straight at me.” Shawna Off, Durango

“We are getting to the bottom of the job jar.” Al Rule and Jane Browning, Howard

“More time to read Colorado Central, flavored by Rosso’s band of writers spiced with Quillen, Mattingly, Sibley, etc, and listening to CPR classical such as Rossini.Nick Davis, Littleton

“During the restrictions, I have had time to take in the beauty of the natural world around me, to enjoy the stillness created by Mother Nature’s time out, and to appreciate, and be grateful for, living in a community that has an abundance of ‘helpers.’” Francie Bomer, Salida

“This experience has highlighted for me how much I have taken for granted in my life—family, nature, a well cooked meal—and will hopefully enable me to carry that gratitude forward.”Sue Katner, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“There is a quiet in town that is to be enjoyed while it lasts.”Bill Pincus, Salida and Denver