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Sparrows won’t roost in Salida this year

Brief by Central Staff

Poetry – February 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

There will be no SPARROWS poetry festival in Salida this year, for reasons that remain unclear.

SPARROWS stood for something like “Songs, Poetry, And Rhymes Raise Our Winter Spirits,” and it was a bright spot during the dark times of late winter, for it was held in February or early March every year since the first one in 2001.

We enjoyed seeing and hearing fine poets like Art Goodtimes, Ellen Metrick, and Aaron Abeyta here in Salida, and the offbeat percussionists TV and 2 Fingers were always entertaining. In recent years, SPARROWS offered performances on Friday and Saturday nights, along with workshops during the day, and strolling minstrels at Salida restaurants.

Part of the problem with staging it this year, we understand, is that the Steamplant Theatre is closed for construction work. But there’s doubtless more to the story.

Anyway, we’ll miss SPARROWS this year, and we hope it gets back on the rails for 2009. We can always use a lift in our “Winter Spirits,” especially in winters like this one.