Source list for Jack Dempsey

Sidebar by Kirt. J. Boyd

Jack Dempsey – May 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

Source List

Dempsey by Jack Dempsey and Barbara Piattelli Dempsey

Harper and Row, Publishers 1977

Kid Blackie, Jack Dempsey’s Colorado Days

By Toby Smith

Wayfinder Press 1987

The Warren Evening Mirror, August 5, 1918

Mansfield News, July 5, 1919

New York Times, January 11, 1931

The Cripple Creek District Museum

Through my research, I found a lot of conflicting information concerning actual dates of fights, names, and details. For example, in my query I spelled George Coplen’s name, Copelin, because two books I had read spelled his name that way. When it turned up Coplen in Kid Blackie, Jack Dempsey’s Colorado days, I checked with the Cripple Creek District Museum and Mt, Pisgah cemetery records to confirm the spelling. I didn’t feel comfortable using exact fight dates, because I couldn’t be sure of the accuracy. Because of all this, I limited my sources to periodicals, the museum, and the two books listed, feeling that they were the most accurate.