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Some rules for Western Living

Letter from Abbott Fay

Code of the West – April 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ed and Martha:

There was a sort of Code of the West.

1) Leave cabins unlocked and stocked with food. Recipient is bound to clean up and eventually re-stock.

2) Never take a pair of skis or snowshoes left at a trailhead in case someone needs to reach campers or workers. It’s like stealing a horse.

3) Thou shalt not speak optimistically regarding meat or produce market futures or even the weather prospects.

4) Don’t continue working in a mine after two “close calls.”

5) Don’t say someone died — he has “gone West” or “over the Divide” (was the name of my own book). Miners had “gone up the flume.”

6) Never wear a necktie in a mine.

7) Never ignore a hunch.

8) Never harm a mouse or a rat or a spider in the bathtub.

9) Never criticize the cook’s meals!

Abbott Fay

Grand Junction