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Some rays of sunshine

Brief by Central Staff

Politics – January 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Some rays of sunshine

Just so we’re not totally critical here, it’s time for some praise:

1) The newspaper with the longest name in Central Colorado (Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume) sponsored a Nov. 19 symposium on the Colorado Sunshine Law, and about 40 local leaders and officials attended.

The featured speakers were Ed Otte of the Colorado Press Association and Tom Kelley, a Denver attorney who specializes in media law.

By all accounts, it was a productive session, and we hope it prevents the need for more lawsuits to force public officials to live up to their obligations to Colorado citizens.

2) The Salida City Council, whom we sued in 1998 for violating the Sunshine Law, has agreed to resume videotaping its meetings. These are then broadcast a few days later on the community-access channel of the local cable monopoly.

The more that people can see government at work, the better, and we commend the city for resuming the broadcasts.

Now, we can return to our regular grumbling and carping.