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Soliciting our opinions

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Politics – November 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine


Let ’em all vote!

Two years ago the Colorado legislature made it a misdemeanor to recklessly give out false information that would affect either an issue or a candidate. Seems to me that National Security and the alleged War on Terror were made into electoral issues, and therefore anyone from the President down to a local editorialist who misrepresented those issues should be liable to immediate citizen’s arrest. Shall we start at the White House or at the Mountain Mail? And let’s insist that those year-long sentences be served consecutively.

Meanwhile back on Capitol Hill we’re getting a bill requiring photo-ID from all voters, as if a relative handful of dubious critters at the polls could somehow make a drop in the bucket against the insider rigging which gave Bush the last two elections. Sixty seconds of hacking is all it takes folks. Rather than pump up fear of furriners, we should let the whole world vote in our elections. The rest of the world is exactly who will suffer most from the deals cooked up by the military, congress, and corporate high-rollers.

Here in Saguache County the planners and land-use commissioners sent out a four-page mailer. In forty- some years of receiving mail in several states I have never seen such a thorough solicitation for citizen input. They didn’t even sneak in an appeal for my vote! They did offer a choice of four public forums to discuss the master plan, plus facts, figures, and bar graphs to inform me, and even a blank sheet for an RSVP. Maybe a five-year-plan is more than a dark communist plot after all.

Sometimes I think a let-go-and-let-god sort of anarchy is the best antidote to the boondoggles of the great society and the human psyche. But what the hell, we’ve got decent folks in county planning and it’s nice to know they’ve got some concept of the meaning of democracy. Do they give the people such radical opportunities in other countries? When will the office of the Secretary of Defense solicit our opinion in similar manner to learn just what sort of defense we feel is in our best interests?

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove

(P.S. Slim Wolfe is your write-in candidate in Central Colorado for fundamental music and a constitutional amendment barring relations between loop-tracks and humans.)