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Signs aimed at reducing roadkill

Brief by Allen Best

Wildlife – December 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Nearly every year more roadkill in Grand Teton National Park is recorded. Last year, 145 animals were hit, a figure more than double that from the year 2000, reports the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Among the dead were 46 elk, 43 deer, 14 coyotes, 8 moose, 7 bison, and 4 bears. Other victims in the past have been grizzly bears and wolves, plus owls, badgers, and even sage grouse.

No theories were reported to explain this rapid increase, but several potential solutions are in the works. One of them is sequential signs: We saw wildlife / From afar / And we hit them / With our car / Slow down!

Older people will recall them as similar to the Burma Shave signs of the 1940s and 1950s. Younger people may think this a relative to hip-hop.