Savoring every word

Letter by Ray Dangel

Colorado Central – June 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

Savoring every word

Ed and Martha,

I’m looking at the finest subscription pitch I’ve ever encountered, on the back of the January Colorado Central (Fake vs. Real Santa).

This was truly inspired, and the more I gazed at it the better I liked it. The sketch is real and the person is fake. Marvelous! The lists of clues were great reading.

Yeah, I know I should have been reading this a couple of months ago, but sometimes magazines get set aside. Eventually every word of every page of Colorado Central is read and savored. Unlike a newspaper, you can’t just toss out whole sections of this mag and feel you missed nothing worthwhile. You two are the heartbeat of Colorado. Good work, guys.

Ray Dangel

Arapahoe County

(Editor’s Note: And we should have printed this a couple of months ago, when it arrived.)